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However, voices against the legalization of social casino games are also formidable within the game field. From the “Sea Story” incident that hit the mid-2000s to the “Probability Item” (Gacha), which is still under controversy, gambling issues have repeatedly hampered the domestic game industry. Moreover, the abolition of the forced game “shutdown system” for teenagers, which has been dragging on for 10 years without effectiveness, has only been decided.

Kim Jung-tae, a game professor at Dongyang University, said, “Discussing legalization of paid social casino services at this point can be another excuse and there is nothing to help develop the game industry. Korea is culturally different from the U.S. and Japan, where casinos and Pachinko are popular.”

Nine out of 10 companies failed to make investment plans for next year despite the implementation of a phased daily recovery (With Corona).

According to related industries on the 7th, only 11.7% of companies answered that they had already established or are undergoing an investment plan for next year in a survey conducted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 316 domestic companies.

32.1% of the companies said they were currently under review, and 56.2%, or more than half of the total survey subjects, said they were not even under review yet.

As such, companies are having difficulty establishing investment plans due to uncertainty in the business environment. As to whether uncertainties in the corporate environment will continue even in the era of With Corona, 68.0% of respondents said “uncertainties will continue or expand.” Only 32.0% of the respondents said it would be “relaxed.”

Concerns over uncertainties in the corporate business environment also negatively affected the future economic outlook. As for how long the recent positive trend, such as expanding exports and improving corporate performance, 12.0% of respondents answered “within three months,” 29.1% predicted “until the first half of next year” and 40.5% predicted “one to two years.” Only 18.3% of companies believe it will last more than three years 우리카지노.

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