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casino book Bagel Code (co-CEO Yoon Il-hwan and Kim Joon-young), a social casino game company, announced on the 8th that it has selected Mirae Asset Daewoo, Daishin Securities, and KB Securities as co-hosts to promote IPO. Bagel Code plans to launch an IPO with the goal of the first half of 2023 at the latest next year.

Bagel Code was established in December 2012. As of the end of December 2019, CEO Kim Joon-young and CEO Yoon Il-hwan held 19% and 16.6%, respectively, and instead, SK S Secondary Private Equity Investment Co., Ltd. has a 10.4% stake.

Bagel Code explained that it has been growing since it launched Club Vegas in 2017. It added that sales reached 57.5 billion won last year. In 2018, it recorded 10 billion won in sales, 8.4 billion won in operating loss, 36.2 billion won in sales and 8.1 billion won in operating loss in 2019 우리카지노.

Bagel Code explained, “We are actively conducting businesses such as acquiring ‘Jackpot Joy’, a local publisher in the UK in 2018, and succeeded in attracting more than 77 billion won in investment until the D stage of the series in October last year.”

On the 2nd, it announced a plan to raise the annual salary of all employees and provide stock options collectively, focusing on raising the annual salary of at least 23 million won, including stock options, to development workers.

He also recently recruited Jeffrey Liptak, a game expert from Big Fish Games, a global casual game company in the United States, as vice president of business development.

The driving force of Bagel Code, which has grown rapidly since its establishment, is excellent talent and expertise in the game business, said Kim Joon-young, CEO of Bagel Code. “We will further strengthen Bagel Code’s awareness and global competitiveness by promoting corporate disclosure.”

Meanwhile, Bagel Code plans to continue its growth with the launch of two new games this year and large-scale talent recruitment and focus on expanding the user base through marketing expansion 우리카지노 .

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